Hi-Line platforms allows for real-time sales, behavior analytics and a process of actionable meta-data related to entertainment content and consumer products (merchandise).


We print in-house and ship in-house.

The next component is adding the convenience of a “hands off” web shop for your fans. We build a seamless shop, that 100% mimics the look and feel of your current website.  If that’s not for you, and a traditional ecommerce is what you’d prefer, we can alternatively create a more business feeling web shop experience.

We standardize and aggregate various streams of data into real-time combined access. For example, we remove the concern with the very basics such as, in the case of stock counts, setting low-stock auto-notifications to prevent a mid-tour disaster, etc. Additionally, through our software, reminders are set for our sales reps, or a complete automated reorder, etc.

SEO Optimization

Productivity tools that provide enterprise class optimization

As the merchandise is being categorized for efficiency, we are also able to automatically set-up SEO and Social tagging based on instances.  These instances begin with a basic SEO setup, our more advanced shops can receive the competitive overhaul.  We are also tracking potential customer purchase behavior from the competition as a benchmarking.

Consumer Interaction / Transaction

Real time analytics, combined with historical data, providing optimal Ad serving

Scalability through our various monitoring tools, allows us to track on your traffic patterns and resource usage. For example, when we’re notified of a big sale, or we see that your current plan can use some extra boost, we can adjust our cloud hosting to manage these influxes.

Reporting & Analytics

Our engine for analyzing products sold/value/ROI

With our analytics & customer shopping behavior, we integrate advanced demographics & characteristics into our reporting, as well as additional ecommerce analytics. Thus, you can see exactly how your customers navigate throughout your shop, which items are the most viewed, most purchased, and nearly every other behavior detail.

Web Development & Hosting

VPS / Cloud / Dedicated / Redundancies

We are known for hosting eCommerce shops and making content/brands shoppable. However, we also offer secured website hosting — from shared hosting, to high performance VPS, and all the way to dedicated secured servers!